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We provide pet food & supplies to 

animal rescues and struggling pet owners.

How we started ...

We all knew there was a need for people to help feed their pets. Over the past twenty years working with animals, we had heard it one too many times. Hearing people say they need to find a new home or have to surrender their pet to a shelter, simply because they could not afford to feed them, was heartbreaking to all of us. Imagine having to decide between feeding yourself, your children, or your pets. This should not be an issue. Sadly, it is a very real issue for many. That is how CC’s Cupboard came to be. Kelli, at K-9 Kingdom, donated a back room for the pantry and with help from friends and family alike, our non-profit was started.


Meet our co-founders
Chili & Cooper 


1st Saturday of Every Month

We are located inside
Please Use Side Door 
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